New Clients

New Client / 18+ Month Refresher (3-4 Hours) - $450

Includes consultation, initial procedure, touch-up (4-8 weeks later), and two aftercare packages.


6-8 Month Touch-Up (2-3 Hours) — $150.00
8-10 Month Touch-Up (2-3 Hours)— $180.00
10-12 Month Touch-Up (2-3 Hours)— $230.00
12-18 Month Touch-Up (2-3.5 Hours)— $300.00

An aftercare package is provided with every touch-up appointment.


Clients wishing to get microbladed 18+ months after the initial procedure will be subject to "new client" prices.
We do not touch-up other technician's work. Clients wishing to get microbladed on top of another technician's work will be subject to "new client" prices, as this is considered a correction.


Please view our Policies Page for deposit information prior to booking your appointment.