First Session - $450.00

Includes an in-person consultation, custom brow enhancement plan, initial microblading procedure, and full aftercare kit to ensure optimal healing. 
Kit includes brow cleanser, aftercare healing balm or lotion, shower visors, and lymph tissues.

First Session + Touch Up — $475.00

Includes everything provided in "First Session" as well as a touch up within the first 1-2 months. 
If the guest cannot book their touch up appointment within the 1-2 month time frame due to COVID-19 restrictions, the touch up price will be based according to how long it has been since the first session with a $25.00 discount.

1 - 2 Month Touch-Up — $50.00
2 - 4 Month Touch-Up — $75.00
4 - 6 Month Touch-Up — $105.00
6 - 8 Month Touch-Up  — $150.00
8 - 10 Month Touch-Up — $200.00
10 - 12 Month Touch-Up — $255.00
12 - 18 Month Touch-Up — $315.00
18 - 24 Month Touch-Up — $380.00

Initial Touch Up - On average, the skin retains about 60-80% of the pigment implanted during the initial appointment. In some cases, an additional session at 1-2 months may be required to achieve desired results. To determine whether your skin type, lifestyle, and skincare requires a 1-2 month touch up, schedule a free virtual consultation first!

Maintenance Appointments - On average, pigment lasts about 1-3 years depending on skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. Due to this, an annual touch up is recommended to maintain shape and colour overtime. 

To determine whether your brows are due for a touch up, schedule a fee virtual consultation or send clear pictures of your brows to jadesbladetechniques@hotmail.com or DM Jade on Instagram @jadesbladetechniques.

Do you have previous microblading and are looking to book with Jade?



Please forward clear pictures of your bare brows in adequate lighting from the front, left side, and ride side of your face.

Proper candidacy will be evaluated via email at jadesbladetechniques@hotmail.com or DM on Instagram @jadesbladetechniques.



Please review our Policies Page prior to booking your appointment.