New Clients

New Client - $450

Includes consultation, initial procedure, complementary touch up (4-8 weeks later) and an aftercare package provided after both appointments.

The aftercare package provides everything needed to take care of your brows such as a brow cleanser, healing ointment, product applicator, and shower visors. It is extremely important that the client be diligent in pre-booking their complementary touch up.

If the first touch up does not occur within the 4-8 week period after the first session, the client will be subject to the touch up prices listed below.


If the complementary touch up cannot occur within the 4-8 week period due to a lockdown, Jade is happy to offer the complementary touch up under the notion that it is completed within the allocated complementary touch up duration (2 hours).

It is important to note that the complementary touch up is meant to solidify pigment retention in areas that did not hold pigment in the first session. Normal pigment retention is 60-80% after 4-8 weeks and significantly declines as time passes.

For this reason, if significant time has passed and the client requires additional work outside the typical 2 hour complementary touch up time, the client will be subject to $50/hour with a maximum of $100 for a full 4 hour appointment. This added cost accounts for additional product used and labour. 


6-8 Month Touch-Up (2-3 Hours) — $150.00
8-10 Month Touch-Up (2-3 Hours)— $180.00
10-12 Month Touch-Up (2-3 Hours)— $230.00
12-18 Month Touch-Up (2-3.5 Hours)— $300.00

An aftercare package is provided with every touch-up appointment.


Clients wishing to get microbladed 18+ months after the initial procedure will be subject to "new client" prices.
We do not touch-up other technician's work. Clients wishing to get microbladed on top of another technician's work will be subject to "new client" prices, as this is considered a correction.


Please view our Policies Page for deposit information prior to booking your appointment.